Boyhood Home of Glenn Miller

Fly In  - Fort Morgan Airport

(Cancelled - Airport is under construction and because of massive rains, construction will not be completed by the event)


Activities at Glenn Miller Auditorium  mid day

Except for Lunch All Other Activities Are Free

Lunch - Upscale Box Lunch ($20)


Vocal Clinic Group -

Under direction of Julia Rich (former singer with The Glenn Miller Orchestra) and Tertia Cain with The School for the Performing Arts


Vocal  - Julia Rich

For Many Years She has Appeared with The Glenn Miller Orchestra

Vocal - Amanda Stevens Noble

Her dad Garry Stevens played with the Glenn Miller Army Air Force Band

Alan Cass Presentation on Glenn Miller



Dinner on the Bridge

Historic Arch Bridge over the South Platte River

Featured Orchestra on June 20, 2015

The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra










Glenn Miller SwingFest Contact

Cathy Shull, Sage Strategies              Event Coordinator


970-768-6106  (starting April 1, 2015)


All Funds Raised Go To Provide Scholarships to The School for the Performing Arts

So That All Students May Have Access to the Performing Arts, Regardless of Income!

   The School for The Performing Arts